Meet 5 Handsome Rich Men Who Have Dated Betty Kyallo (Photos)

Betty Kyalo is a celebrated media personality who came to the limelight during her time at the Standard Media Group. She then moved to K24 but was sacked after working for barely a year.

Betty has been on the headlines of the men she has dated and below are 5 handsome and wealthy men that have dated the Tv personality

1. Dennis Okari


The two had a publicized relationship that ended up in marriage however the marriage didn’t last for long as they separated barely after 10 months. The two have one kid who they co-parent.

2. Hassan Joho

After falling out with Okari, Betty started seeing the rich and powerful politicians who is the current Mombasa Governor.

In a past interview with True love magazine, Betty confirmed they had a relationship that was based on consoling each other after the troubles they had in their past relationships.

3. Somali guy

It was recently disclosed that she was dating a wealthy Somali guy. Kenyans speculated on the identity of this wealthy Somali guy. The man’s identity has remained a mystery to this day, and it’s unclear whether he even exists.

4. Mohamed Alinur

He is a businessman and politician. He was among the people who came out to help Omosh recently. Alinur has been spotted severally hanging out with Betty but in a interview he denied dating her and stated that they are just friends.

5. Nick Ndenda

Nick is a well-known city lawyer who began his career as a hawker before becoming the successful lawyer he is today. He is rumored to be the current boyfriend to Betty. The two were recently spotted in his house.

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