Meet Rodgers Kipembe A Young Millionaire From Meru County

Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru, a young millionaire from Meru county who has taken social media by storm thanks to his lavish style of living, a number of expensive cars in his garage, and interest in politics.

Kipembe boasts of owning 18 cars including a Porsche, 3 range rovers, 6 Mercedes Benz, SUV v8 Land cruiser among other cars. Despite his lavish and admirable style of living, Kipembe Mpuru says that all that is vanity because in the end everybody will die and all luxuries will remain on earth.

Kipembe is also the secretary general of a party famously known as NOPEU (National Ordinary People’s Empowerment Union). It is a political party that enjoys a strong support in Mt Kenya East and Kipembe promises they are a party to watch come 2022 general elections.

Kipembe is largely involved in Miraa farming and also car selling which contributes to his millions of shillings. He is married and has a daughter. His Father who is also called Kipembe is a member of parliament in the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA).

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